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Originally Posted by HannibalNectar View post
I ALWAYS see these spectacular finds on the internet but this one is unreal to me.
Its says something like 90 pounds of gold and what really got my attention was 6,600 pounds of silver! All down the toilets of Switzerland. You would think they could get it out and make a profit. 3million annually? I wonder what it would cost to get it out?
Crazy right?
Short answer, it would cost more than digging the stuff out of the ground, or refining contacts on computer electronics. Way too low concentration to be worthwhile from an economical, energy, or environmental standpoint.

Originally Posted by DougF View post
Thanks for posting - the article doesn't say that anyone is actually recovering the gold and silver, just that it's potentially recoverable. Might be worthwhile to check the grit chamber where most of the heavy stuff drops out.
Trust me, the people that actually have enough of the good stuff going down the drain in a business type environment are already doing this. Even the floor sweepings are sold for big bucks, dirt and all.

I do remember a forum member posting that he detected the waste 'grit' piles in his city and would often find lost jewelry and such.
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