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Thumbs up used machines

Originally Posted by Martin_V3i View post
I look at the for sale forums on each of the three metal detecting sites I frequent, even if I don't need anything. The sponsors will also post about used detectors they have also. I think that Craigslist would likely be a long shot but one thing is for certain...a unit would likely be a steal in certain cases there.

I have been lucky. A few of my friends have had deals and I have bought locally. You will have fun simply watching what is for sale, even if you aren't ready to buy.
Don't forget to check Pawn shops some time a bargain will show up.

Fisher F4 , Bountyhunter Treker IV ,BH discovery 3300, Whites TRX pinpointer, finds mostly clad nothing worth posting , just retired at the end of 2017 ,so hope I can spend a lot more time detecting in the future.

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