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Hi MuddyMo,
where I live in nasty mineralized dirt Colorado a wheat penny at six inches or more (or any other coin for that matter) with any of my vlf detectors would be lucky to give a target ID even on the Nox or Deus. I would definitely get a tone. Missouri dirt is a little milder where Dirt Fishing digs but in very wet dirt at 6+inches anything copper is going to jump around target ID wise since copper is extremely conductive and emits quite a chemical halo. Out here wheats will target ID between 24 and 28 depending on their corrosion level. I have seen them hit 30 when deeper than 4". I just figure it's a wheat, pre-1982 Lincoln, a dime, a quarter or silver if it has a small pinpoint radius and dig! Bill also had his sensitivity pretty high which can skew target ID numbers but he was going deep. In mineralization I have to keep my sensitivity below 16 no matter what or I start detecting every piece of small magnetite in my soil and masking on deep stuff gets worse. Target IDs can get skewed on the Nox for multiple closely packed targets in the same area which can give some spread out numbers depending on the direction of swing and if its iron plus a high conductor.

This first version of the Nox definitely has some ergonomic stuff that needs to be fixed. I know there will be a version 2 someday which will correct some of the obvious physical flaws.

Bajanick, the headphones that are standard with the 600 totally suck. If they don't break quickly (like mine) they should because they have very poor sound quality. I bought a pair of Avantree over the ear APTX low latency bluetooth headphones off of Amazon for 40 bucks. They work great and no cords.

If it is windy or noisy where I hunt, I leave my settings button on the volume setting and then go back into detect mode. That way if I want to change my volume level I just have to press the settings button and I'm right there at volume adjust.

I am no bleeding heart liberal but I don't like polluting the environment with throw away batteries. Detecting batteries is an eye-opening experience. The chemical halo can be as big as a complete aluminum can around just a single AA if it has started to corrode.

My 800 and 600 will go at least 20 hours on one charge if I use headphones and no backlight. They will charge up in about 2 hours on any 2A USB port.

Hi Mudpuppy,
I have heard some people claim (they must be Deus experts) that the Nox is an easy detector to use right out of the box and learn. If one is pretty experienced with detecting or is a dealer, or has low EMI, low mineralization and very mild soil, that may be true for them. It wasn't for me. I started with Park 1 and 5 tones (50 tones drove me completely nuts) and turned the sensitivity down to about 13, always noise canceled and ground balanced (no tracking) and added a little bit of threshold. After about 80 hours of that and more money and jewelry than I could believe I started experimenting. It worked for me.


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