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Thumbs up Frankly that machine beats almost anything else on Monte's nail board test

IMHO its one of the better budget detectors out there. Very good audio for sifting through iron at old homesites.

I set the unit to tone, disc out a medium size nail (aprox 10 o clock on the disc). It still likes relic type iron but you won't miss small gold or sub nickel targets. Depth is surprising if the ground balance is properly set. 6" on a dime is max but 4" more realistic.

If you find a iffy target increase swing speed directly over the target. If it gets more "solid" dig. If it breaks up pass. Also the all metal mode works well once you learn to detune for shallower targets. On some targets if you get a sound like a dying duck its at maximum depth. I love that sound

I even made a custom straight rod for mine & I keep it in my vehicle because its "cheap".

The GB pot location has changed recently & I forget which it is-but there are only 2 so if your brave you can figure which one. Set it so its all metal mode does not sound off when a local hot rock is waved directly in front of the coil. Then get a silver dollar & adjust GB to max depth in disc. If the GB is way off from the factory it won't even pick up a silver dollar. Mine was like that but is a great little machine now & I still use it. And yes I have an AT pro & a lot of competent machines.
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