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Default tips and tricks

Originally Posted by BetterThanFishin View post
This is exactly the point I am at here. A new detector will not be purchased for at least a few months so this one has to do. Yes, it is not the most effective machine but it's better than searching for items without one completely.

Still open for tips/ tricks.

Thank you,
I f you want some tips here is what I have learned in the short time I had mine. 1. Do not pay any mind to the needle meter. It always jumps to the right no matter what your scanning so its pretty much useless. 2. the discrimination will not disc out iron with this detector no matter where you place the knob this detector loves iron. 3. when you get a signal hold down the pinpoint button and scan around the beep . If it is a larger object it will continue to sound off over a bigger area. if its something small like maybe a coin it will only sound off over a small spot. You can actually trace over a large object with the PP and predict how big the target is. I will give it that-the PP works well. Hope this helps. Happy detecting!
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