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This was my first detector and introduced me to the hobby. So, in this respect I can't knock it. It finds metal, and for $30, it isn't a huge investment.

I never mastered the variety of knobs to isolate/discriminate various metals, (i.e. had the patience) but it did excel at finding large iron objects in my backyard. I found an old jackstand, parts of a 100 yr old Weather vane (North and East), old motor or transmission gear, and a bottle key at an old 100 year old site. All were deeper than 8". No coins, but I never took it anywhere with any to speak of (loose change that is). I'm sure it would find them no problem if they were 2"-3" deep.

After taking it into a promising site, I discovered simultaneously that 1) I liked the hobby and 2) this detector wasn't going to cut it for sustained interest. Complexity of the knobs aside, the shaft is super-cheap and won't stay locked at a given length and the coil constantly falls off of it. (compression fitting, not screwed on with hardware. I never had enough patience to bother with learning the meter. It just served to reiterate what I was hearing. (which was mostly 3" sections of old rusty barbed wire littered everywhere). After 30 pieces of Tetanus sticks, I decided then to get a detector with clear discrimination controls. If I ever figure out the knobs enough to discriminate iron completely, I might mount the coil close the control box and make it a hand-held scanner to use inside abandoned houses. It is very light weight and could be handy in that capacity. At any rate, keep your receipt and try it out before the 30 days is up. Don't wait 6 months like me to try it for the first time.

BTW, I noticed Harbor Freight now sells a pinpointer and a wand. Could be useful as backup...

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