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Originally Posted by Gearheadmike View post
Thanks i just don't know 100% sure where to check for the laws here. NY can be odd on some of there laws.
In this day and age of computers, there's hardly a single public entity ANYWHERE that doesn't have their muni codes, laws, and park rules on-line to be looked up.

If you still feel that whatever you've found on-line isn't comprehensive enough (eg.: park closes at sunset, no fireworks, dogs on leash, etc....), the you can go to the entity administration office and ask "Where can I find a list of all the rules pertinent to the use of the park ?". They will direct you to where it can be looked at in binder/print form. Or will direct you to the web-link.

If they say "what is it that you needed to know?" , you stick to your guns and say "to know where the rules/laws are in print form".

The trouble with asking: "Can I metal detect?", is that you run the risk of arbitrary whimsical "no". Simply because they envision geeks with shovels, and just pass out the "safe answer" (when in fact, no one really cares)
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