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Originally Posted by Gearheadmike View post
... it gives me time to also check with the laws/City historic museum about detecting in possibly historic areas around here.
I plan no matter what if i find something i believe to be historic to bring it to the local museum to see if they want it for display etc.
Gearhead-mike: Welcome to the forum. A word of advice: If you are skittish and wonder about law/rules, then ..... no ... you don't go trotting off to the museum to ask "can I?". Be aware that a lot of museums are staffed (board of directors, etc...) by archie mindset type people. And will/could *bristle* at the thought of md'ing. And paint overly bleak dire warning "no's". (citing b*llcr*p that doesn't even apply)

And also don't go trotting to city hall, etc... Lest you bump into the "safe answer to your pressing question" psychology. If you had some reason to wonder about a certain place: You look up laws/rules for yourself. If you see nothing in the rules that says "no metal detecting", then presto, it's not dis-allowed.

Naturally you don't go snooping around obvious historic sensitive monuments during an archie convention. And , of course, don't be in the middle of deep retrievals in nice manicured turf if busy-bodies are watching.

As for donating nicer stuff to museums, that would/should only be for something super unique to *just* the history of that museum's theme . You don't need to go offering any old cool coin for donation. I can tell you, as a worker in 2 museums myself: 99.9% of all the stuff that gets donated to museums will never see the light of day again. There's simply not floor space or docent/staff time to keep perpetually rotating all the stuff, that gets donated, from well-meaning public.
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