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Default Metal detector- time for a new one?

I have a Whites quantum metal detector that is about 10-11 years old now. Has the technology changed enough in the last 10 years to warrant getting a new detector? I do quite well with my existing detector, but without another to compare it with I can't be for certain if I'm not passing over objects that newer technology might help me to hit. Also, I find a good number of large halfpence and large cent type coins, but dimes and smaller coins are a good bit fewer between. It would make sense that these are harder to get a good reading from, but I would also think that perhaps dimes and smaller coins are more plentiful given that they are easier to lose out of a pocket. I set my sensitivity up high and discrimination low- but I still don't seem to find any of the older, smaller coins. Would newer technology perhaps help me dig a few more of them? Thanks for any suggestions.
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