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Originally Posted by ROBOTCOP13 View post
I have 3 of them and have no problem. When you get your meter check the battery at it's own terminals not at the point of the nine volt battery connector. I've had problems with a short in the thin nine volt battery connector wires in another battery set up. Sometimes those thin wires can't take too many charges with salt water/air exposure.
Thanks Robot. I took it to work and tested with my DVOM...12.13 volts. Hereís the weird part...took it home,put it in the machine and it fired right up. Huh? Is there a logic chip in the battery that somehow didnít recognize a request for voltage? Iíve run the machine several times after issue whatsoever. Could hooking the meter to it cause it to ďwake upĒ? Joe at RNB didnít have a clue,he was as baffled as I was. I was very worried at first,I thought my Explorer croaked. Then I was worried that the battery had croaked! It is without a doubt one of the 2 best things Iíve ever gotten for a detector,it is downright awesome!
Thanks for the thoughts,Iíll post back if anything else occurs.

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