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Originally Posted by gseuser View post
Awesome sterling wings!
Originally Posted by dirtykneese View post
Hay Beep,
Nice find. I have never found the real wings. Only them junk ones kids get at the 5 & dime store.
You can tell they been in the ground a while. The pins on the back are going.

I have found that P-O-P, ( pile of poop ) Before. I try to stay out of it.

Have fun.. KEN
Thanks! That poop sure had me dragging my shoe in the grass. I bet people who were watching were getting a big laugh.

Originally Posted by groundmagnet View post
I hate that dog stuff smell! When we livid in our apartment, our neighbor had signs of dogs "doing their business" with large letters that said "no dog poo poo!"

Glad you were able to make good on the hunt despite the unfortunate step.
Thanks! Dog poop is bad but cat poop is worse, that's the reason cat's bury it. LOL

Originally Posted by GroundSweeper View post
Well least you got some nice wings out of the day!

Thanks! Your picture speaks volumes.

Originally Posted by barkley View post
The pilot's wings look fantastic! A great keepsake.
Thanks! It make you wonder who wore them, how they lost them and when.


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