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Originally Posted by Semtav View post
Since I've only used one detector, I'm wondering if this is common with most detectors or specific to some of the Whites.

We have a lot of clump grass where I hunt. Mostly Crested Wheat grass.
these are clumps of grass with bare dirt in between. the grass can be anywhere up to a foot or more high, but the problem is in the bottom 3-4 inches. if I hit these clumps in the lower area it sets off a signal like I have a non ferrous item under it. It is worse with dew on it. Obviously I can't hunt lower than the clumps so I'm hunting 3-4 inches off the soil, but I have to raise it even further to eliminate a constant signal that I have a coin everytime I hit one.
This happens to me with all of my white's coils. I can't imagine they are all bad.

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