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Originally Posted by quo155 View post
ok guys & gals, first of all...every single gift listed here has really looked great! There are many warm hearts because of everyone's generosity!

I have been "out" for a week+, sick with the flu...but back at work today. However, while i was out sick, my gift to kansas dave and my gift from him both sat on my desk. I had slept so much, that i had forgotten all about this and i never got online while home. So, i shipped his gift out today via ups and have pm'ed him to let him know that it's on it's way.

And, he blessed me with a great awesome k&m discovery team t-shirt and he had my "man cave's logo" (my avatar) printed on the awesome! See the photos below!

dave, thank you for the best gift i could have received! Thank you for your patience with me getting yours out so late!

thanks carol for putting this together!

t-shirt front:

t-shirt back:

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