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Originally Posted by Sod View post
I was thinking if the water was shallow enough you could tie off to an inter tube and detect the mile to the site? parking??
I know what you mean on the waiting game. I found an old 1871 German church on forty acres with a picnic grove down by the creek that was pretty active back in it's day from what I gather. I spoke to the owner when he was mowing around the church. He said he couldn't see a problem with it but had to ask the family first. I wont hold my breath but I do have my fingers crossed.
Best of luck.
If the water access parking was closer than a mile it would be an option, not one I would have thought up myself for sure.

Yes, it stinks waiting particularly when you know the other person is not in the state of anxious waiting you're in. They probably don't give it a thought, how they're torturing you

Hope you get to hunt your church, that sounds like an awesome site!

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