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Default Iron scans as Silver

I got permission to Detect a property first built upon in 1790. I don't believe it has been detected before. *fist pump*

Here's the rub...

The site is littered with nothing but Nails. (Most of these nails are newish but a few are square.) The iron always reads as Silver. The nails in the ground read solidly as 88-98 on my DFX and can pin the needle on the 6000 Di Pro SL. I have found as many as 4 Nails in a single hole as deep as 10 inches. The pistol probe goes nuts on every setting except on minimal threshold. There's that much iron.

I am going to work this site all summer if I have to. I know there is good stuff there, but I need to weed out the iron first. Is there a better way than merely digging all these nails up bit by bit?
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