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Default KT's new Royal Throne

The Queen decided it was time for KT to have a new Throne so it was left up to His Majesty to decide what to get.....after much searching for quality in what was available, KT was much impressed by the newer designed Swedish chairs, but the price, being that KT is a bit frugal, at nearly $2000 was a bit too much. Some additional searching on Amazon resulted in finding a New Throne that was very highly rated with 4.6 Stars out of possible 5. This item came to only a bit over $500, which soothed KT's Royal Bank Account considerably! So here is the pic, and yes, it nicely matches the Royal Rug KT purchased a few years ago!

KT's evaluation?? Well, it is so comfortable that KT woke up in it twice the first day of use!
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