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Originally Posted by Hdnsouth View post
Never thought about it looking like a bomb and you're right it would. You'd have every news crew there and they'd probably blow it up.
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Hmmmm. Good thought. If they blew it up as a precaution, then it actually would become a bomb, with the shrapnel being the goodies inside.

That suggests the container would have to be transparent. A peanut butter or mayonnaise jar, perhaps with a good sealant around the lid threads.
With a transparent container, one could arrange a note that could be read from the outside.

For those that wish to bury a time capsule for the kids or grandkids, I suggest a good map, attached to your will. That way it'll be given to them after your demise. A decent second choice would be in your safety deposit box.

It's quite hard to decide on a location, as so many could be removed and destroyed in the name of progress.
That tree where you lived might get hit by lightning and destroyed, and the remains cut down and the stump ground out. That retaining wall could get removed in favor of an addition to the house. Landmarks disappear all the time, for just as many reasons. It would probably be better to have GPS coordinates, in addition to "conventional" location methods. A good set of clues might be a series of pics saved on a "thumb drive", and kept with the map or will.

Just my 2-pence.....Roger
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