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Well pryan67 didnít disappoint. Amazing gifts. Just canít thank this guy enough. Love everything. A sweet chest for some of my treasures, a loupe (recently lost one in the field), some killer coin cases that have different sizes, 2022 red book which will have a home in my car since my 2021 is falling apart and wonít fit in my rig so that is fantastic. And all kinds of cool US coins. My favorite is the v nickel I have never even held one till last night. Maybe now I can find one since he hooked me up with that beauty. Overall this was an amazing experience I will stay in touch with this gentleman here forward and hopefully make it his way to hunt someday. Also the SLQ is one cool coin and the rest are all cool. The steel penny I will never find so that was great. Thanks again.

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Equinox 800 and 600
2022 clad@16.22 gold@0 silver@6 .925@1
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1892cc Morgan

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