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More Rutus info.

Tone break setting coming out of iron region.

Rutus iron range is 0-30,, and I think beginners of Rutus should stay with this 30 number or slightly higher here for setting tone break.

But as a Rutus user grows with their unit,,when hunting sites loaded with nails and iron,,,I find a tone break setting of 23/24 may be helpful in sniffing out the heavier masked targets.

Could a person go lower here with the tone break setting??
Yes,,IMO a person could,,but it would be helpful if the site contained mostly
smaller nails.

As I keep hunting,,and testing I may be able to comment on this in the future.

Running this lower tone break setting does give a tad more rink in the tone.

Rutus will find real small things even using 11" dd coil.
Based on my hunts and testing,,,Rutus is better at alerting user to smaller nonferrous than Deus version 3.2, especially irregular shaped nonferrous.
I am not quite ready to rate as far as Deus V4 goes.

Remember Rutus can be run at a slightly higher frequency than Deus,,and this may be a factor here.

Ghounds airtest in a post above does indicate Rutus will strike smaller items.

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