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Originally Posted by ghound View post
Oddly enough, Keith Southern said the relic was a tad deeper than the Impact in his ground.
Both Relic and Impact will suffer for depth with the narrow coil, put Nel Tornado on and they'd all be close.
There all decent machines, don't think anyone would feel out gunned swinging any of them, just down to what works best in your ground.

I do however love the options that the Rutus offers to dial in for each site, and it's a bargain at the low price, the Deus still has a few aces in terms of weight etc
Only had one tornado coil,,for F75 unit,,,sold it quick,,didn't like.
In my ground,,it yielding nothing I could see vs stock F75 coil,,,milder ground just maybe.

I don't know how big a company Rutus is exactly.
If they are small,,,one of the bigger in USA should step up,,and partner with them.
Just my opinion.
Rutus is no slouch detector,,,for the $$$ especially.
If it's audio was reworked a bit,,,I would give it a 10 plus for the $$$,,, but in the condition it is in I give it only a 10.

External speaker too,,might could be reworked and improved for sound quality.

Tell you one thing right now,,,if they introduce another model in the future that has similar features to alter unit,,,I will be paying extremely close attention.

Remember I am a big Deus fan,,,so what I'm saying here should perk folks ears up.

Rutus,,if you are reading here,,,make your next detector updatable.
And get a say 8" round DD coil out to public and fast for Alter71 unit.
A 7"-8" round coil dd type could =Deus killer status in some sites.

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