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More Rutus test.

How about hunting recently dropped gold rings,,say where many folks have gathered??

Using Rutus I checked using small thin 10k ring,,and some foil,,even foil balled up a bit.

I think I found my best setup here.

Using 5khz,,,Rutus don't like foil,,even foil balled up,,foil from cigarette packs it hits but is very dodgy.
The small 10k ring,,Rutus more energetic on,,,big difference.

Now when both are detected,,ball of foil I tried vs the ring,,,,they read same TID-42/43. Btw I had sensitivity to level 80 here,,lower sens likely provides better results say in the neighborhood of 60.
But the ring is very standoutish tone sounding wise.

If I go to higher freq like 17 or 18khz,,,then this difference is slim to none.

Actually the foil signal improves moreso than the ring does. (But ring's air test distance does increase)

Also,,folks using Rutus seeking deeper nickels,,,freq 12-18.4 kHz your best bets here.

Running at 8khz,,,deep undisturbed nickel signal is dodgy sounding.

Just thought I would share.
With the varied freq capabilities,,some nice strategies can be employed with this detector,,especially with the ability to normalize all tid readings to 6khz.

And with this setup,,you can still hunt coins,,especially higher conductive.
And obviously a person is still on the hook with digging pull tabs looking for gold rings.

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