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Originally Posted by Ambam View post
Hi All! ....

1) Do not confuse Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA) with Golden Gate park. Despite the similar names, they are not the same. SF city parks (including Golden Gate park) do not have any specific "no md'ing" rule.

Versus GGNRA which is federal. And no, GGNRA is not a "lot of the parks" . It is very few of them. Oh sure, it might cover the immediate beaches at the foot of the SF city coastline (right below the windmill areas of GGP) and some *certain* stretches north of SF), but ... not, it's not a lot of land-hunting "parks" area.

2) there's a dirty-little-secret that you will be hard-pressed to find anyone to say so much as "boo" to you, on GGNRA beaches anyhow. A possible exception is a certain stretch of Stinson beach (and I have a sneaking suspicion why). But at other portions of GGNRA, .... well .... I'll let your imagination take over.

3) If you're still skittish, there's other beaches that are not federal GGNRA. A color coded map will let you know state vs city vs fed vs county.

4) No, it is an urban legend wive's tale that "all state parks are off-limits". You can hunt state of CA beaches here till you're blue in the face.

If you want to get into minutia of grey-area verbiage about this, in-relation-to-State of CA beaches, we can. But for now, suffice it to say, state of CA beaches are fair game . That's the way it's always been. And we "leave good enough alone" . And never rock that boat.

5) Uhhhh, where are you getting that you can't hunt in San Mateo county parks ? Got a link ?

6) And when you say you "can't find anything specific for ...." (and then you go list several places). Why can't that be sufficient ? Why isn't silence-on-the-subject ok ? If you don't see something that says "no md'ing", then why can't that therefore mean: "not prohibited" ? Are you expecting to find an express ALLOWANCE ? IE.: As if you're going to find a law or rule saying "MD'ing is allowed here" ? It doesn't work like that. No more so than you'd expect to find a law or rule that says "Frisbee flying allowed here"

7) if you want to pop me a PM, there's a mud-flat inter-bay beach where I have pulled lots of coins from (including silver). You're welcome to hit that. I'd be curious how it's doing, as I haven't made it there in several years now.
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