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Question San Francisco California beaches Local Help Needed

Hi All!

I got a unique opportunity for work that involves traveling to San Francisco next week. I'm trying to determine if I can or should bring my detector. I'd love to hit a beach and say I've detected both the Pacific and Atlantic ocean

I have determined that I can not detect any park that is considered part of the Golden Gate National recreation area (which is a lot the parks).
I know all state parks are off limits.
The county of San Mateo does not allow detecting in any parks.
I could not find anything specific for Pacifica (although it is in San Mateo) Nor the city of San Francisco itself on detecting (although almost all the shoreline I checked kept coming back as NPS land-no detecting).

Stinson park north of the GGNRA section can be detected, but as I won't have a vehicle would either take 2-3 hours on public transit or a prohibitively expensive cab trip.

Is anyone on here from California, and if so, do you know if there are any other beaches that are metal detector friendly in that area? I'm staying near Union Square and using public transportation (unless someone wants to meet up? ). I'm not interested in something historic, fancy, etc. Just safe and quick (2-3 hour hunt max most likely, silly work conferences), all modern stuff is fine. Can anyone help me out? My google-fu is failing except for the above.

If I can't get a confirmed legal and easy to reach space to hunt, I'll just leave the equipment at home and explore Fishermans Wharf. I've gotten several restaurant suggestions

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