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Originally Posted by Silver_Stallion View post
Hello Everyone. I strictly coin hunt old hard hit parks. I am wanting to pick up a 3030 but feel intimidated with all the lingo. Combined mode. ferrous coin etc. Can I just use a simple coin program that will just hit pennies and above without having to change programs or settings? I tried a Nox 800 and liked how easy it was to disc out pennies and below. Also people are saying the Nox will unmask better then the 3030 which is important when hitting pounded parks. I have the money for the 3030 and people seem to be saying the 3030 s a better silver coin machine.
Don't let the lingo intimidate you.
Once you get the detector, you'll find the lingo is not so complicated.

Navigating the CTX is not hard.
Once you build your program, you can use most of the time should you choose.
And you can then if you decide to change recovery to fast or leave off.
Same with deep mode on or off.

Your pattern, once you get this down, all downhill from there.
Next thing to do is learn what an iron false is (how the detector behaves tonally and with its display.

There is more than enough you tube support to get you pointed in the right direction with CTX.

Learning how the different things ID will take a little time.

Rather a simple detector to run actually for finding coins.
Compared to some other detectors, CTX is like shooting fish out of a barrel.

Your biggest concern should be, will you find the weight comfortable and or tolerable. Not the lightest detector out there. For sure.

Good luck.

Some videos

Xchange 2 program for beginners.

Xchange 2 setup video

Target ID


Modes compared 7" deep coin


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