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Have been using the FBS for a couple years the CTX only this year and never the Box, so take my observations with a grain of salt, I don't claim to be a pro.

Minelab own claims that the Nox is designed for medium conductors, not higher conductors like silver, and is kind of a guideline that should be considered. The speed of the Nox will most definitely aid in separation better on mid conductors than FBS,...BUT, FBS, and especially the CTX, seems to let the high conductor signal come through the iron. Almost like the iron is ignored to let the silver signal come through. While I'm not convinced it's due to separation more like the distinction of targets so to speak.

It's amazing when I return to an iron infested sight and start pulling nails out of a hole and then find a coin in the same hole. It also falses less on iron than any other machine I have had.

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