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Hi ecmo
I had the MX Sport and did not like the balance with the stock DD coil or that coil in particular. I got rid of my MX Sport as fast as I could. I liked my MX5 better too especially the stock spider coil. I got a deal I could not refuse recently for the MX7 with the stock 950 coil and the Detech 7" DD. The MX7 is like a faster version of the MX5 with better audio and more raw power in my opinion. The Detech 7" coil is outstanding and the 950 coil is great too. The Detech 7" coil is a deep coil and easily hits 8" test garden targets and air tests a nickel out to 9.5". The 950 air tests a nickel out to 11.5". So, I can understand not wanting the extra weight of the MX Sport vs the MX5 or MX7. Maybe with the Detech 7" coil the MX Sport would not feel so heavy.


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