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Originally Posted by marro View post
Hey guys thought I'd put up this little nugget about the Garrett carrot knock off we now see floating around the web..

First off. Im pretty much only comparing this pin pointer to the black pro pointer. I bought it 6 years ago and worked great but kina started giving me problems. Then i got cute and tried to fix it DIY style. (Finished it off).

On to the PP...short and sweet... it did what the pro pointer did just way way weaker. Not much range or depth and yes... you pretty much had to be 1/2 inch away but it beeped faster and faster as you came near the target and it detected 360 degrees along the shaft.

Picked this up out of curiosity and need... i plan to try a trx soon but i really wanted to get out this past weekend. Under 25 bucks spent and i was able to do a bit of hunting before i spring (very soon) for the trx.

In all if for whatever reason you use this pp i say don't expect much more than just a bit of help once you pull out your plug. You will have to really trust your MD...and yes dig down 2 inches when it says so... no just pressing the tip to the grass! Ha ha!

It's an ok back up or an extra to loan to a buddy in a pinch.


I have a Kuman pp it does ok, but you do have to dig a plug out for it to locate a find. But thatís ok too.

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