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Default Some Additional Sources

I will add a few links I use for work that I have not seen posted previously:

Near-Surface Soil Types: - Very useful for trying to determine the type of soil in certain areas to be aware of high gravel/cobble content, clay, etc. Select an AOI (area of interest) for the area then you can play around with the upper tabs to see the soil map and types. In some areas I like to get a rough idea on mineralization by checking Soil Data Explorer tab -> Building Site Development -> Corrosion of Concrete. High risk means high sulfate (and likely high iron content)

Historic Maps: - Large map collection of historic plans including civil war battle sites. Major cities are already overlaid on Google Earth. I find most maps not already overlaid by going through the LUNA Browser and doing a search for the town or county at the top of the screen. - Historic topographic quadrangle maps for the Northeast United States. Can search by Town or the Image Map.

Minelab X-Terra 705 / Minelab E-trac / Garrett ATX / Whites TDI

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