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Originally Posted by KingTotsalot View post
Royal Thanks, Wolf-Dog! KT was beginning to wonder if anyone in the forum would bother to comment! 96 views and only your comment!

Maybe forum members are bored with KT's stacking efforts, already?

Whatever the reason, it will not stop KT from looking, finding, and buying some volume of silver halves! There is a small premium on them, when compared to the premium on silver dollars! Jeez. KT did buy some silver dollars years ago when they could be had for $20 or less for common dates, but nowadays, the base asking price is $35 or up for the same coins. So KT did make some financial gains on that investment.
Yeah, it's hard to pass up on a good deal. I've bought a lot of silver dimes and some quarters the last couple years. When I can find them around melt, is usually when I strike at them.


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