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I did multiple videos on this topic with Legend for only one reason. To give folks some practical situations to see detector behavior. Not just one scenario and then start posting about this behavior.

Now I can say this.
Legend as far as the negative seen with lower conductors masking (giving lower ID than actual of desired target) both high and low conductors. Legend does better on say gold ring. Vs say nickel. Why? I canít say for sure. Other than the fact ring is ring shaped vs disc shaped like a coin. Granted Legend in doing test with gold rings still is acting subpar (just not as subpar) to Eqx using park 1.


My info I post on this forum is free for the taking. Free to the manufacturer too. As well as the videos I post on you tube.
Could these help manufacturer? Maybe.

To add here.
I see some making reference to paystreak as far as his success with Legend. Well, based on about all I have seen with his videos. He is basically doing beep and dig detecting. In doing so how would he or anyone else for that matter realize by doing the way Legend is as far as the masking going on with lower conductors like foil. Remember many desirable targets will still give audio on Legend with say foil masking happening to a degree. Yet ID can be in error -sometimes more, sometimes less).

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