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Originally Posted by jmaclen View post
Earlier in this topic I recommended the Legend over the Equinox 600. I know about this low conductor adjacent to high conductor "issue" that is being discussed here. I have seen its effects in testing and on hunts. It is important and I hope Nokta Makro can make it a little better in their next Legend update, just like I hope they can improve sensitivity, consistency and stability over more of their 11" DD coil's surface so that at least the center spine of the coil will respond to a target with more stability and won't require a near perfect level swing over the target.

This aluminum target adjacent to a high conductor deficiency in the Legend is real. Replicating this test is super easy to do. You can use any US dime and any aluminum target you want to use whether it is bigger or smaller than the dime. At some point depending on your aluminum targets surface size and distance from the dime, the dime will become masked using M1 no matter what setting you use for recovery speed and for the iron filter. You can make the test as realistic as you want. Similar behavior happens with the Equinox when using the 2 modes just like it does using the M2 setting on the Legend. The masking happens a lot stronger with the Legend at this point from my experience. Does that make the Legend a poor performer on mid to high conductive coin and jewelry targets in thick modern aluminum trash. Not for me. My Legend is 2/3rds paid for just from the higher conductive US clad and silver coin and jewelry finds that I have made with it since getting mine in mid March. My Equinox 800s have been fully paid for from the higher conductive clad, silver coins and silver jewelry that I have found with it even using Park 2 and Field 2 in really modern aluminum trashed parks despite not doing real well in similar same plane tests.......

I still recommend the Legend over the Equinox 600. I doubt the Equinox 600 will receive any performance based software updates in the future and its structural deficiencies have been well documented. I am confident that the Legend will receive multiple updates that will continue to improve its performance. There have been no widespread reports of Legends leaking and coil ears breaking. There have been update, external speaker and power management problem reports. I am confident that the Nokta Makro software/design engineers know about this issue with M1 low/high conductor masking and are working on an improvement.

You guys are attacking the messengers here. The more you attack them the more they will make videos about this low conductor masking high conductor issue and the whole vicious cycle will start up all over again.

I have two Equinox 800s and a Legend. What tnsharpshooter is showing in this simple test is true no matter how much anybody wants to refute it, deny it, ignore it or deflect blame back on the tester.
The masking of a high conductor from the foil is definitely true. And I give TN all the credit for showing that to not only me,but everyone including nokta.
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