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Originally Posted by AccurateCalls View post
You need more than 1 or 2...

Okay, let me sketch out an example experiment to show you the difference. Let's say you wanted to know which detector performs better in modern trash.

Gather 100 various piece of trash, bottle caps, foil, pulltabs, juice boxes, any example of modern trash, even better if directly sourced from a park. Now gather 20 different targets, coins, jewelry, etc.

Now test each of the 20 targets against each 100 pieces of trash, at 10 different target configuration distances and record the results.

20,000 trials later you might have a meaningful data that could show how a detector performs across a variety of targets against a variety of pieces of trash at a variety of separation distances. Whichever detector performs better across that wide variety of configurations of modern trash may be the better detector in modern trash. (Note, I still only say may)

Yes, that is a lot of trials and a lot of time. Science takes time.

Generally speaking, if you can do your "experiment" in a 10 minute Youtube video, you aren't actually performing a test / experiment, but rather some sort of demonstration (from which you should draw no conclusions).
Letís use your logic.
I go outside when it is raining. Without umbrella or other protective thingy.
And I get wet. So I deduced from my first outing in the rain I get wet.

By your logic I should have to go out in the rain for how many times before I can deuce when I go outside when it is raining I get wet.

Do I need to do that 20,000 times to prove?

You are laughable.

Yeah these keyboard types. Gotta watch those. Put little stock in.

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