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Originally Posted by Defense View post
Thanks for the reply. I've edited my original post. I think I'm more interested in hiking and looking for Gold Nuggets strictly. I'm new, so a grab and go / intermediate level device maybe best. I'll take a look at the GM 1000 and the Gold Master 24k. I've also added to my list the Gold Bug Pro, Garrett AT Gold, Nokta Gold Kruzer, Nokta Gold Finder 2000, Gold Bug 2(Steep learning curve). Trying to keep it on the cheaper side.

The one thing you should keep in mind you may not plan on getting in water with what ever detector you choose but you cannot predict mother nature so you want one that is at the very least rain proof which the GM 1000 is also the Legend and Equinox both are, not sure about any of the others that were listed also the Xterra 705 is not, being as to how you said you want to hike with your detector also you should consider one that collapses down fairly compact which the Legend does and the ORX that jmaclen suggested the GM 1000 can be broke down pretty compact
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