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Default The Dang Bug Bit Again...

Xmas upgrade/extra detector bug bit me. Again. Now a situation presents itself. Should i just keep my non-modded tesoro cibola (kinda fond of it with the sniper coil), and spend 800 max on an additional new/used detector? Or should i sell it and use the extra cash to look in the low 1000s range? That thought just blew my mind. I literally have no clue about detectors in either of these price ranges really. I know ATP and an accompanying sniper coil are probably a no brainer for the 600-800 range. But closer to the low 1000 range -no clue. I'm in the Army and move alot, so usually won't be located near a saltwater beach. Freshwater, sure. Also, I'm a digger. If I'm not discing it out, I'm digging the beep up. I like hunting woods, farms, homesteads, parks, ballfields, coinshooting, jewelry, relics. Heck I guess that's everything lol. Already have a carrot, lesche, reliable diy dig rig, all that jazz. Dunno if any of this helps, sorry for the ramble...

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