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Originally Posted by ATPro Dude View post
Hi Guys,

Well here is my setup. I am using the NOX 800. I want to use Bluetooth buds. I purchased 2 of them. Each bud is paired separately. I have 1 bud paired to my cell phone in my left ear I have the other bud paired to my 800 in my right ear. Everything works great BUT I noticed that my bud that is paired to my 800, there is a delay from detector to blue tooth. It makes my hunting very delayed and unpredictable. It must be the frequency of the blue tooth?? My question is there a blue tooth bud that has a higher rate of frequency (if that is what the problem is) or a high rate of transfer? The module that it comes with works great with plenty of speed and instead sounds when hard wired.

AtPro Dude
Standard non-low-latency Bluetooth = lag x pain in arse. Until I got the nox, I rigged a $5 fm transmitter to audio-out and listened on my radio via phone or headset.

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