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Originally Posted by Waveoff View post
I just went and tested it out. I am only able to hear one audio source at a time. I use an AptX LL transmitter on my detector and then pair my Sennheiser earbuds to it and pair my iPhone to the earbuds. I tried listening to streaming music/video while listening to the detector and it was a no go. However, when I get a phone call it will block out the detector audio and allow me to talk on my phone via Bluetooth. When the call ends, the detector audio resumes.
Thanks Waveoff for the update. I am wired from the 800 ML80 to listen to my 800 in the left ear and then BT in my right ear to my cell phone to listen to talk radio. The setup with 2 buds in a BT fashion would be really cool if I can pull it off but I have too much delay time and it is throwing me off.

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