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Originally Posted by KingTotsalot View post
if the pet is very small, like a chihuahua perhaps. But foxes do not tend to run and hunt in packs like coyotes. Pack hunters can take down a large number of different, often larger, animals. KT thinks foxes are a bit more nocturnal in their habits. And yes, if you see a fox in broad daylight, just like raccoons, odds are they are rabid! The foxes that visited the Royal Woodpile were always there at not know if they came by for breakfast or not as KT was always asleep! HA HA Rats and mice tend to be more active at night, so it stands to reason that their predators would be more active at night also.
So how many does it take to be considered a pack ?

The reason I ask is the recent videos are agreed to be foxes but there seems to be more than one and that loud yipping I heard sure sounded like a bunch of them

Originally Posted by amc rulz View post
Iíve seen coyotes several time run through my yard in broad daylight, I have a coop w/laying hens and have never had a problem with coyotes. I used to let the girls free range, but a couple years back while leaving for work I saw a healthy-looking red fox run across the road, late winter. Came home early around noon and first thing I saw was fox sitting in the front yard, chicken feathers spread across the front lawn. Looked like a massacre! I had to yell to get the fox to run. Thankfully, things looked worse than they were, fox nabbed only one hen but another died later of shock. Now, I only let the girls out under supervision. Actually, I have more trouble with sharp shinned and red tail hawks. Bald eagles not a problem yet, but next door neighbor had one in his backyard on the ground, hovering over a ground hog dinner.
Wow, you had to yell to get the fox to run ?

I would have figured they would shy away and run with just seeing you.

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