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Originally Posted by DiggingThePNW View post
Congratulations curb strips in Washington absolutely carry them. Great second hunt.
Thanks DTPNW. Hope your curbstripping pays off for you this year. Always enjoy reading your posts.

Originally Posted by Toasted View post
Congrats on the Barber half. That one has proven to be a tough dig for me. Only one in seven years
Thank you Toasted. Definitely a tough one to mark off the list. I just keep putting the coil to the soil and hoping.

Originally Posted by turtlefoot View post
Congrats on the three silvers and all the wheaties. It must have been a thrill to see that big silver in the hole.
Appreciate your comment. Yeah, very hard to remain focused during the rest of the hunt. I was just too wired from the experience.

Originally Posted by WyoTom View post
Love the pics! Great finds
Thanks Tom.
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