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Originally Posted by NCtoad View post
Congrats on the barber half and all the rest! Great storyline and great pics!
Thank you Toad. Glad the ground was willing to cooperate in giving up the goods.

Originally Posted by longbow62 View post
Stellar hunt! Congrats, I can't find a Barber half. I was talking to a buddy about it today. Maybe sooner or later I'll be able to mark it off my bucket list.
Thanks Longbow. It's been 4 years or so since I found my first and till this one, only Barber half. Biggest thing is just getting the coil on the ground as much as possible, and trying to get into areas where they are most likely to have been lost in the past. Fingers crossed for your first.

Originally Posted by markinswpa View post
Goodnight RoS. A great save on another bucket lister. You guys seem to find a bunch of big silver up your way. Congrats to you and your buddy on some fine hunting with big shiny, little shiny Ihps and wheats. Also for spreading a little positive PR for the hobby. Hopefully I will dig a Barber half this year. Again congrats. Mark
Thanks for your comments Mark. Always appreciate your supportive posts. I hope you get your Barber half this year too!
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