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Originally Posted by JAK View post
Congrats on the eye candy! But only a few things can say it better than some Big Barber silver...well done. This must be the year for the Barber coins too.
Thank you JAK. An eye popping surprise. I like to see people posting about Barber finds.

Originally Posted by Buellride View post
Congrats Gale
Thanks Paul. Fingers crossed for your outing Sunday.

Originally Posted by Tom_in_CA View post
I like the peak-a-boo in-situ reveal pose
Just for you. Thanks Tom.

Originally Posted by LovestheShiny! View post
Holy Cow! That is a nice find, and more silvers and wheat cents too! Ahh... I think your silver totals will be very good this year, keep up that pace!
Thanks David. I'm not sure I can keep up with this pace. Today I went out again, and the only silver I got was a cut Rosie. At least I got the bigger portion.

Originally Posted by maxxkatt View post
Great finds. I have never hunted curb strips. Do you get a lot of metallic junk like pop tops, pull tabs, can slaw, screw caps when hunting curb strips?
Thank you maxx. Curbstrips yield just about anything you can imagine. Particularly annoying are the nails. For some reason they just seem to collect there. You get used to digging a lot of junk, but that's the price for the occasional big reward. The nice thing is many times you get to meet the locals, which gives you the opportunity to ask for permission. If they see you're doing a good job leaving no trace behind, they often say yes.

Originally Posted by metaladdict View post
Congrats Rainorshine! Sweet Barb👍
Thanks metal. I would have been satisfied with the two dimes, but would never say no to a Barber half.
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