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Default Japanese treasure

Originally Posted by Tom_in_CA View post
But all of this keeps on assuming that there was even any gold or treasure in the first place.
It has well documented that the Japanese troops looted evey country they invaded cleaning out goverment treasuries, banks ,national treasures any thing of value they could get there hands on. They were brutal to all the countries they invaded. The Philippines was a staging place for the Japanes to consolidate all the treasures to send them back to Japan for the war effort. Japan had hoped to keep the Philippines as part of their new Empire ,they expected the Philippines would welcome them for liberating them from American rule. But since the troops treated the local populations so bad the Filippineos turned againt them real fast. I doubt much treasure was hid till the war turned against the Japanese they could no longer able to run their ships at will ,do to Allied fighter planes and ships. They still expected the war to turn back around and to be able to hold on to the Philippines. There are lots of accounts where Philippines and American pows were made to dig tunnels and when they were done executed on the spot. While i can't prove there was a treasure i sure wouldn't bet againist it. I have been over there a number of times and i can tell you the locals all beleave there is a treasure and many spend time looking for it. On the other hand i would't be spend any of my money on any old Japanes maps some one wanted to sell. I also wouldn't put a lot of stock in Wikipedia since they have a disclaimer saying Wikipedia makes no gurantee of validity,and is a open content collaborative encylopedia .

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