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Originally Posted by GKL View post
and if the permit costs a lot it might not be worth it if you don't find much and they still take most of what you do find Attachment 390685
The permits probably are not that much but the goverment wants a big share , the the land owner wants a share , you could find a big haul and in the end get very little of it to keep for all your trouble. Now if you just found a few relics from the war i doubt anyone would give a darn. If you were starting a big dig now days you would also have to watch out for criminals that would be more than willing to help them selfs to your treasure. Over the years a number of Japanese have come back and searched for treasure by saying they were bulding a road , or school for a village as a excuse to dig. Some have even set up business and farms as fronts to hide their activities. As For my self i am satisfied to detect the beaches on my wife's island for now, but i keep researching where Japanese forces & American forces were stationed ,battles , POW camps to see if there are any good places i can get permission to hunt on. The Philippines has lots of history about 400 years of Spanish rule , American rule , Japanes rule , American rule again then independance. The famous Spanish fleet that sank off the coast of Flordia came from Manilla Philippines.

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