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Originally Posted by ncauclair View post
..... I was looking for the lost treasures of the Tiger of Malaya-- billions were reportedly hidden by the Japanese Army in the Philippines during the war.......
Welcome to FMDF. Have you countenanced the possibility that no such treasure exists ? That it might be over-blown camp-fire stories gone awry ?

"Treasure stories" of the type/location you describe are a dime-a-dozen after all. Said to exist in every cave, and everywhere a Japanese soldier set foot. And oodles upon oodles of maps (that you can buy on street corners) circulate. Said to "have been written by a soldier serving under so & so at such & such battle". Passed through families and .... just now popping up.

And each and every story and map is "iron-clad" with stellar supposed lineage. Yet when you subject it to scrutiny, becomes a he-said-she-said situation. Yet from the perspective of the person telling you, it is indisputed and they are quite sincere. And since they sound so good (who can resist a good treasure story), they simply get passed down the chain unquestioned. "Lest you be left out".

But if you find "billions", be sure to post the show & tell pix. Because "billions" would certainly earn a well-deserved atteboy.
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