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Originally Posted by Tom_in_CA View post
While that might sound, ... uh .... "colonial" or un-fair (ie.: why can't multiple persons still have first dibs on a zipcode ?), yet : There's a rhyme & reason for this :

It's no different than the old school days of metal detector dealers : If someone wanted to sell (out of their garage) Garretts, Whites, Fisher, etc...., they had to choose a geographic zip-code locale range. Otherwise, the poor sap who set up his detector sales shop, is simply competing with the other guy across town. Same with Toyota dealerships: Why don't you see multiple show-room floors, of Toyotas, in the same town ? The "brand" simply has to have consistency.

I'm sure that the RF model would , indeed, like to fill-in-the-map and have persons in these unclaimed zip codes. So : Go ahead and claim some !
Try explaining that theory to Starbucks. 1 on every corner.
Um..those beach zips have been taken for awile now. Nor do I have the desire. Unless they paid me to represent ! I do quite well on my own thank you.
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