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Default Australia Vacation Finds

Big shoutout to X-Terra70! Many thanks for the tips and money saving ideas Sir! We were so excited to see as much as we could, I only got in 2 or 3 hunts. Hunted some in Windang, Surfers Paradise and Gold Coast. Just brought along the Wife's BHIV because I never had flown with a detector and was fearing the worst (lost or broken).

Only saw 1 local hunter. Saw an outcrop walkover at Gold Coast and knew few will take the time to scoot under there. Prayed there wasn't any snakes/critters and started. BLAM, big hit, moved some sand with the Carrot and OMG! There she was, a GOLD chain! By this time some partiers were overhead and looking thru the cracks at me. Slowly passed it to the Wife and she promptly declared, "Honey, you have a gold colored chain only"...oh well

Ended up with clad, 1-Chinese coin, a Croc pin, buttons, fishing weights, a JAWS charm and an ear gauge jewelry. Had lots of fun, great people, clean, beautiful Country and I highly recommend making the trip!
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