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I don't know any coinshooters who would not prefer to hunt pre-65 sites hoping for silver. I know I would but what do you do when you don't have that available to you, just stay home? To say that someone is only a coinshooter if they are only hunting for silver seems a little arrogant to me. Some people have the time and means to hunt every day but for one reason or the other do not always have the ability to get on a pre-65 site every day and so they go to a newer park or school to get their coin fix. Does that mean they are not a coinshooter because they only find clad that day and actually enjoy themselves? Give me a break !!! I have been detecting a long time and have been lucky enough to find some really nice silver finds. Heck, I have even found some of those silver coins when I was hunting areas that really shouldn't be holding coins that old. A few years back when I was hunting a lot I rarely passed up an opportunity to hunt with friends whether we were going to a modern site or a pre-65 site looking for older coins. I just enjoyed the hunt and what turned up, turned up. A little competition among friends is also a lot of fun. To me, hunting primarily for coins and having that mindset when you leave the house, makes you a coinshooter. I will not judge you or ridicule you if all you bring home is a pouch full of clad. Just my thoughts !!!!

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