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Originally Posted by pacer View post
I might add. Even if I couldn't get a good deal, I feel they are worth the full price. They provide me with every thing I was looking for. Had to have the over the ear hangers. Never had much luck with the buds that are pushed in as they always seem to fall out. Hangers for me, provide stability and comfort. The audio is crisp and clear and no white noise. Charge time is relatively quick. However, I can't speak to the battery life as I have only used them once and then, only for a little over three hours. They pair flawlessly with a push of a button on the buds and in aptX Low Latency. Every thing on my list is checked off. Just placed my order for a second set.
Just curious, but why do you need them to be aptX Low Latency??? I thought you only needed that for the bluetooth transmitter as that is where the lag occurs?

Regards Peter
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