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Originally Posted by pacer View post
Just ordered Aukey's EP-B80 Bluetooth Ear Buds. They're Bluetooth 5, codecs: SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX LL, water resistance and over the ear "ear hooks". Package Contents: AUKEY EP-EP-B80 Wireless Earbuds, 3 Pairs of Foam and 3 Pairs of Silicone Ear-Tips (S/M/L), USB-A to C Cable, Carrying Pouch, User Manual. Was able to find a source that offered one for $39.95 with free shipping. It was what was called a “Box opened, but never used" sale item. Here is a link for them:
Interesting - thanks for posting these, pacer! I prefer the type with ear hangers, too. The earbuds without them just won’t stay in my ears regardless of the size tip I use.

Have you actually used these yet? I read through a bunch of the reviews on Amazon and they are mostly very good, but a few users mention a problem with “white noise” in the background, mostly noticed when listening to things like podcasts where the broadcast isn’t as continuous as music. I’m worried that any “white noise” might interfere with the clarity of deep, faint signals from a metal detector - almost like a threshold set too high. Have you noticed any “white noise” while using yours?


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