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Originally Posted by flyguy784 View post
Well, not in WNY. I did spend quite a few years studying and collecting fossils. That's probably a Devonian piece. I specialized in Late Triassic/early Jurassic Paleoflora (plants). Still get out now and then and hope to get back into it in earnest soon. I hunt in a group of formations called the "Newark Super Group". It's the remains of a huge inland lake/swamp that extended from Connecticut to about the top of North Carolina.
We have the Lockport formation here middle silurian/devonian

Originally Posted by Tpmetal View post
im in western ny and we have fossils EVERYWHERE. Its harder to find a rock without fossil activity in some places than to find a plain old rock. Never really bothered to search much because they were so common growing up I didn't think anything of it.
Yes so many fossils around here. I seem to find them when i detect and dig dumps
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