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Originally Posted by Longhair View post
Yep! They are .30-06, and they were manufactured in 1928. The stripper clip that they are in would indicate that they were intended for use in a 1903 Springfield or P-17 Enfield rifle.
Originally Posted by Big Treble View post
Thinking the WRA is Winchester Repeating Arms. I concur the 03 Springfield is then only 30-06 i can think of that would use stripper clips.
Originally Posted by Tired Rooster View post
I believe you guys are correct. Thats a pretty cool find. A full stripper clip of live rounds of that age.
Thanks for the quick feedback everyone! The site I found this at was obviously a shooting range or target practice area at some point. I've found hundreds of late 1800's/early 1900's bullets/shell casings/shotgun headstamps here as well as some decent old coins. I tried knocking on the neighbor's door a few times where I believe the firing line may have been but they never answer. I think they might think I'm trying to sell them something!

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